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Please note:
We can and usually do bare root any plants in our production for shipping. This dramatically reduces the cost of transportation.Our clients find this process painless for themselves as well as the plants.  

Bottlebrush in our production houses pictured
so you can judge the size of these heavy liners!

The bulb lug  A is 24 inches tall

The stake B is 36 inches tall

Aesculus parviflora &
cultivar 'Rogers'

Our liners being shipped to  a client. The truck box is 8 feet the wood  rail  marked is  5 foot!!!

We presently offer both the species Aesculus parviflora (Bottlebrush buckeye and the cultivar 'Rogers')
The plants are heavy liners as the photos below show. The industry standard seems to be a 6-10" plant whereas our plants average 3 to 4 FEET!!!!

Rogers Aesculus parviflora is a selection for flowers that often exceed 36" in length. The plant show hybrid vigor in our production. 
We are the source for outstanding liners of the superb plant.
 5 Foot Height