Epimedium Brilliant RubyStarr
Our Selection
    We would like to give you a overview of our production the includes Epimediums, Aesculus parviflora, Asarum, Yellowroot, Pachysandra procumbens and several other fine garden treasures
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Our production begins with the growing of over 8 thousand stock plants of our Epimediums. All stock is produced on our farm which allows us to contol both the availabilty and quality of the material; something that is often lacking in imported material.
Epimedium niveum grown one season from our liners                                                                            Epimedium Cherry Tart                                                                                                 Stock plants in 6" Gallon pots....1 years growth from our liners
Liners of Epimediums in 3 1/2" pots... the size and quality our customers anticipate!
           Epimedium Lilafee                                                         Dark Beauty                                                Amber Queen