Our Business Terms:

 Email to  (click for direct link) will allow us to answer any questions you may have
concerning our products or any cultural help we might be. A complete availability  and plant catalog are available from the above link.  
     We are a WHOLESALE producer of the plants shown on this web site. Our plants are sold  at the size known as LINERS in the nursery industry. A knowledgeable nurseryman would likely comment that these are rather large liners compared to accepted nursery sizing.  We pride ourselves on these strong ,  vigorous plants.

Our basic order is $250.00 plus the cost of freight (usually UPS)

We will entertain orders for smaller quantities if our schedule allows it. Orders which are under the $250.00 amount  will incur a small order handling fee.   Please do not request 1or 2 of a single item unless combined with a larger quantity of another plant so that the order warrants the effort to process and ship it.