Pink Champagne                        L to R Brilliant RubyStarr..Cherry Tart...Yenomoto                Purple Prince      
Several years ago Mr. Ed Losely of Losely Nursery in Perry,  Ohio told us "it was always a good idea to grow 
some of your own product". When your clients ask how your material preforms you can easily say how the 
plants are doing during that season. We produce over 4000 plants per year from our own epimedium liners.                 
(we do all potting after our clients have their plants...which are always the superior plants to what we
 retain here)
The photo at left is of  plants after 4 weeks...the  center and photo on the right are niveum and Lilafee produced 
in 6-8 months from our 3 1/2"material.
3 photos of Spring potted 3/2" liners moved into a 6" ...1 gallon pot.
The photo at left is 11 weeks after 8 weeks and the
24" ...1 gallon at right is a 14 week old Pink Champagne.

Epimedium Spine Tingler
1 gallon plant 13 months of age
                    FIRE DRAGON                                Root system on the liners after 4 months             3 1/2" liners in production 9 weeks old
Pink Champagne in flower from newly planted 3 1/2" liners                                           Niveum flowering in 1 gallons after 1 seasons growth
The root system on a 6 month
old gallon epimedium
grown from our 3 1/2" liner...
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