Tropical Fish
Our "Populated"
Newly erected 55 Gal Tank
We upsized from a 30 gal. to a 55 on 1-1-2012
Our latest addition Swellia Lineolata commonly known as a Reticulated Hillstream Loach *** Tiger Hillstream Loach***or Chinese Butterfly Loach.. We added him to our tank on 4-2-2011.He seems well adapted to the strong currents and superior water flow we are presently supplying.
L190 Royal Pleco...Panaque nigrolineatus
Presently at 6.5 inches, he consumes Zucchini
at a alarming rate. We grew this specimen from a wild caught juvenile obtained from the Brazil's river Rio Xingu.
He was about 2.5 inches at introduction... 30 months ago.
All of the bottom feeders have enjoyed Korean "Nori" (dehydrated seaweed)   from a speciality grocer of late with exceptional vigor!!!
This is one of 6 Corydoras aeneus of the form designated as CW010 the Orange laser cory. We added to the tank 12-10-2010. They were obtained from a Florida breeder before the extreme cold snap that month which destroyed a large amount of the tropical fish stocks in the state. It is believed that the original fish were breed from Frank Falcone's fish. The fish originate in Peru and the wild collected fish are from a source that is closely guarded as to it location.
A Gold Nugget Pleco (L-81) of the Baryancistrus family. We obtained this specimen from Brazil. They are native to the lower Amazon and Xingu rivers. 3 1/2"             presently.
The photo at left shows three of the Orange lasers in our tank. The photo at right shows the lasers (5) clustered near a rock formation.The rock color brings out the bright underside color of the laser selection. At center top in the left photo  is a large,  Bronze Cory,  Corydoras aeneus; facing forward.

One of our armored catfish a
Corydoras schwartzi which was first
discovered in 1963.  A  Adolfo's cory
(discovered 1982) is to the left.
One of our three Flag Tail Panda
Cories(left & right), Corydoras oiapoquensis. The fish
is from the Oyapock River, French Guiana. It is our rarest Corydoras.
TR specimen.
Foreground  Adolfo's Cory with 2
Oiapoquensis Corys above him.
the Adolfos have striking orange head cap markings.
Adolfoi Corydoras (left & right) in the tank.These are tank raised specimens of a rarer cory.
They exhibit extremely interesting coloration with exceptional slow growth.
TR specimens.

The tank presently has 23 Corydoras specimens
representing 10 species.
Harlequin Rasbora native to Malaysia (left) and it's cousin Rasbora Espei (right)
the Lambchop Rasbora are found in Thailand
Cardinal Tetras , Paracheirodon axelrodi
which we have maintained for over
30 months. The larger fish at center is a female. Native to the Amazon river, Brazil
One of our four Clown Loaches which are
native to Sumatra & Borneo.
This fish if 5.25" in length.
Corydoras paleatus the Peppered Cory
is native to the Parana River basin in South America
A large, healthy Bronze Cory; Corydoras aeneus
with a strong reddish/gold shield marking on it's back. The fish is a female.
Note the Orange laser form of bronze cory in the rear, these fish are not yet to full size.The laser line can be seen below the dorsal fin running the length of the fish.
Panda Corydoras the Panda cory
which is native to Peru.
With the use of excellent filtration from 4 separate filters all of the fish shown are housed in a 55 gal. tank.
On 1-1-2012 a Marineland  400 bio wheel filter was added to the new 55 gal tank.

Photo left is
Roberti Tetra exhibiting the
classic dorsal fin of the species
Right photo is H. bentosi  the Rosy Tetra. There is some debate if these are individual species or local 'Forms"  of the same species.
Blushing Long Finned X Ray Tetra
RECENT ADDITIONS 9-25-2011 to 1-9-2012
Corydoras schultzei
This is the species from which the 'Black Form' was selected in Germany and produced by the Chechs.
Roberti Tetra in foreground
The rear tetra and fish at left  was sold as
H. bentosi "white finned"
introducted 11-26-2011

A long finned Black Skirt Tetra
introduced 10-30-2011
Left to right The first fish is Hyphesspbrycon bentosi
the Rosey tetra the following two fish were purchased as White finned form of the Rosey Tetra. The larger fish at right cornor is a Glass Fish, Tetra sp.
Hypesspbrycon serpae
Long finned form of
Serpae Tetra
introduced 12-30-2011
Hyp. flammeus
Von Rio Tetra  
intro. 1-9-2012
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VIDEO of the tank as of JAN/2012
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After a several year search we have finally
obtained a L330 WATERMELON PLECO

The fish was obtained from
Pleco Pete of Michigan.

It is a wild caught specimen
from Columbia exhibiting full spotting and an exceptional pattern. Fish of this size 8"
often retail for $300+